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We work with Marco on a number of experiential and immersive sound installations. We are currently looking for exhibitions, galleries and events to position his latest cutting edge creations. 

“I'm a sound artist and designer, a music and audio composer and producer with both recording studio and live production background. Using my ears and some imagination I specialise in creating 3 dimensional audio experiences for audiences. I deliver artist concepts in sound”

Perry’s audio history has seen him working with Bjork, Depeche Mode and Massive Attack amongst others. He continues to push the envelope collaborating with other ground breaking artists. In 2013 he formed Immersive Audio & AVarts as a vehicle for 3D audio and the wider application of
spatial audio formats specifically.

2015 saw a major retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for Bjork and the ViVid exhibitions in Sydney, Tokyo and London, The Eden Project, EdenLab and Bjork digital globally where Perry is responsible for the critically acclaimed spatial sound designs and 3D audio installations throughout.

Other major recent Spatial audio installations have included Chris Levine, iy Project, Dark MoFo Tasmania, Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, Skyfest CCCB Barcelona, Wilderness festival, GCBA Bogota, DHC Montreal, Stary Browar gallery Posnan Poland.

“When I hear sound, I also have a vision of it, often it’s a landscape style picture and has 3 dimensional form. If I’m designing a sound field in an installation for an audience in a specific venue I start by thinking backwards. I’ll visualise the finished work audibly and see how close I can get to doing what’s necessary in the audio content production and in the installation fabrication and the physical delivery of the work to achieve what I both hear and see in my minds eye”.

“Audio can be transformative individually and collectively. I use spatial sound design to communicate the power of music and high quality audio with subtlety and dynamic range. To show the dark, the light, the colour and shade in a textured and layered sound experience. To tell the story, enhance and augment it, meeting mind, body and emotions on an individual and shared level of appreciation. Vast, intimate, easily accessible. In my original Audio Visual art installations "Coma" and "Soul Trees" we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to engage the select audiences and the general public simultaneously”